Why is the forever 21 Brand so cheap?

Why is the Forever 21 Brand  So Cheap?

Have you ever wondered why Forever 21 brand is incredibly cheap? If you’ve ever shopped at Forever 21, the brand has some of the best prices, from clothing to accessories to beauty products. But just how cheap are they? So cheap that they can often beat the prices of even their competitors? Many agree that forever 21 is reasonably cheap because they use inexpensive materials. Check out the 8 reasons Forever 21 has such low prices, and see if you’ll be shopping there soon!

A Brief Background History of the Forever 21 Brand


The Forever 21 brand was founded in Los Angeles, California, in 1984 by husband and wife duo Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang. The initial store was only 900 square feet, but it quickly became a success. Today, there are over 600 Forever 21 stores worldwide.

 Although they don’t offer a specific seasonal line, it’s safe to say that their clothes are most prevalent during Spring and Summer. Many of their pieces target younger audiences and shoppers on a budget, but many customers wear them into adulthood. In addition to off-the-rack clothing, Forever 21 also offers accessories and shoes

The Forever 21 brand prides itself on having a wide variety of items for every personality type at affordable prices. Today, they have one of the highest social media followers in retail, with over 150 million across all platforms!

8 Reasons Why Forever 21 Brand is So Cheap

Why is the forever 21 brand so cheap?

Reason 1: Cheap Labor

The first reason Forever 21 brand is so cheap is its labor force. Many of their clothing is made in countries where labor is affordable, such as China, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. This allows them to produce a lot of clothing quickly and cheaply.

In China, the average wage for a factory worker is $1 an hour! In addition, this workforce does not have much job security or benefits; they are primarily young people who work for small companies without contracts.

All these factors allow Forever 21 to sell its clothes at lower prices than other brands like H&M or Zara because they don’t have many people in higher-paying positions or providing benefits.

Forever 21 imports most of its products from China or other Asian countries where manufacturing costs are cheap because there are no strict regulations for air pollution or work hours.

Reason 2: Crazy Sales Promotions

If you’ve ever been to a Forever 21 store, they always have some sales. They’ll have a Buy One Get One Free promotion or an Everything’s $5 sale at least once a week. Sometimes, these sales are for items that are already pretty cheap, to begin with. So, why do they do this?

Well, it could be because of their business model. Most retailers would prefer customers to come in and buy something small than nothing. The Forever 21brand does whatever it can to get people in the door and buy as much as possible so that its revenue stays consistent daily. It also makes customers more likely to return again and again for more deals because there’s never any telling what type of crazy deal might be happening next!

Reason 3: Inexpensive Materials

One of the reasons that Forever 21 clothes are so cheap is because they use inexpensive materials. This might not be evident when you first look at a garment, but it all comes down to what the clothing is made of. For example, cheaper fabrics like polyester won’t last as long as higher quality fabrics like wool.

Since Forever 21 clothes are designed to be worn for only a few seasons, they don’t need to be built to last.

Reason 4: Inventory Turnover (Fast Fashions)

The Forever 21brand produces a high volume of products quickly and efficiently to keep up with the latest trends. This type of production is called fast fashion. To keep costs low, Forever 21 keeps its inventory turnover high. That means they produce many products, put them on the sales floor, and then turn them over quickly by selling them.

This also means that they don’t keep much product in stock, so if you see something you like, you should buy it quickly before it sells!

When it comes to fashion, trends come and go quickly. Forever 21 produces what is known as fast fashion to meet consumer demand. This type of fashion is defined as inexpensive clothing made rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.

To keep prices low, the Forever 21 brand cuts corners in a few ways. For example, they may use inferior quality materials, hire cheaper labor, and produce fewer garments per style. All these shortcuts result in production at a much faster rate.

Reason 5: Cheap Designs

Have you ever wondered how the Forever 21brand can sell their clothes so cheaply? One of the reasons is because they have cheap designs. Their clothes are often made with lower quality materials, and they don’t use as many sewers as other brands. This enables the brand to keep its prices low. However, this also means that their clothes will not last as long and may not be very comfortable either.

Reason 6: Low-Quality Control

When it comes to quality control, it’s all about quantity over quality for Forever 21 since most people will only wear their clothes for a few months before replacing them anyway. It’s easy to see why Forever 21 has taken over the fast fashion industry – everyone in America has at least one item from there!

Reason 7: The Forever 21 Brand Has Several Outlets

The clothing company has several outlets all over the world. This gives them an advantage over other brands because they can sell their products at a lower price. Furthermore, Forever 21 produces many clothes, which allows them to keep their costs down.

In addition, their clothes comprise cheaper materials contributing to the lower cost. For example, some items may be polyester and spandex rather than natural fibers like cotton or wool. They also have a strong global presence with over 775 stores in 39 countries and 5 continents worldwide.

Reason 8: Production Cost Margin

One of the reasons that Forever 21 can keep its prices so low is because of its production cost margin. This margin is the difference between the wholesale price of goods and the manufacturing cost.

For the Forever 21brand, this margin averages around 10-15%. For every $100 worth of goods, they only spend $85-$90 on production costs. The rest goes towards marketing, shipping, retail space rental, and other expenses.

Is the Forever 21 Brand Worth It?

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Yes and no. The prices are unbeatable, but the quality isn’t the best. It depends on what you’re looking for. Suppose you want something that will last forever, then probably not. But if you want something trendy and don’t mind spending a little extra money to replace it in a few months, then Forever 21 is perfect for you!

  • They keep their inventory fresh by getting new styles in regularly.
  • Their clothes are meant to be worn a few times and then disposed of – which keeps costs low.
  • They produce much of their clothing rather than relying on other brands.
  • They have minimal advertising expenses.


In conclusion, there are various reasons why the Forever 21 brand is so cheap. Forever 21 has found ways to cut costs and keep prices low, from its labor practices to low-quality materials. As a result, shoppers can find affordable fashion at Forever 21. However, they should be aware that these low prices come at a cost and that the clothing may not last as long as more expensive items.

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