black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men

Why Black Jeans Are More Stylish Than Blue Jeans for Men

Do you know why black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men? Many fashion experts have argued this hotly debated question over the years, but now there’s an answer —yes! Black jeans look better on most men than blue jeans because they contrast the male body and have a more polished appearance. When matching your black jeans with other items in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about pairing them with too many or too few colors or patterns.

The Key Takeaways

  • Black jeans are versatile, as you can pair them with any outfit.
  • Black is a solid color, which always has a cool factor when pairing it with outfits such as blazers, sweaters, t-shirts, and dress shirts.
  • Unlike blue jean, that is traditionally casual wear; you can style a pair of black jeans for a formal occasion.
  • Black jeans have a slimming effect, whereas blue jeans tend to make you wide than you really are.
  • Most people associate black jeans with maturity, power, and influence.

Reasons Why Black Jeans Are More Stylish Than Blue Jeans for Men

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1.     Black Can Be Paired with Anything

One reason black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men is that you can pair black with anything. When it comes to fashion, some colors look good with everything. Darker neutrals include black, navy blue, and grey—which is why they make great staples in any wardrobe. All these colors fall under neutral territory, meaning they can be worn with anything without clashing.

These colors have a cool factor too, which means they’re more versatile than your typical pair of jeans. You can dress them up or down, dependent on your need.

For instance, if you need to wear a suit but want to give off a more casual vibe (without looking sloppy), pair your suit jacket with black jeans instead of blue ones. You’ll still look professional but less stuffy than if you were wearing all-blue clothing from head to toe.

2.     Solid Colors Are Always in Style

If you need enough reason as to why black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men, then understand that solid colors such as black are always in style. While black jeans don’t vary in color or pattern as dramatically as blue jeans, they come out of a wash virtually unchanged. So black jeans always look just as stylish as when you purchased them.

With blue jeans, one day, they’re faded and worn; on another, they’re unexpectedly bright and showy. Solid colors are generally considered more professional than patterns. It’s easier to maintain a consistent appearance with minimal effort.

This is especially true if you wear your pants long, which is also considered more professional, and arguably more attractive than short pants.

Longer pants keep your shoes covered up, which makes sense since longer pants are generally considered dressier than shorter ones. Plus, by showing off less of your legs (and thus less skin), long pants give off an air of sophistication that can be hard to achieve otherwise.

3.     Wearing Black Jeans Provides Great Contrast

Did you know that black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans because black provides excellent contrast? While it’s easy to incorporate different colors and patterns into your wardrobe (it can be fun!) While most guys prefer wearing black or blue jeans, some men stick to wearing black pants each day.

The great thing about choosing black over blue? The contrast of dark versus light makes you look taller, slimmer, and more stylish. Plus, since you don’t need to worry about matching anything with your pants, you can focus on other style elements like shirts and shoes.

Not only will you feel confident knowing you’re dressed well, but others will also notice how good you look!

Wearing black jeans ensures that every item in your wardrobe goes with them, which is an important factor in looking stylish and put together as opposed to having one or two key pieces that work with everything else.

4.     Dark Colors are Slimming, Whereas Light Colors Aren’t

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Another undisputed factor why black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men is the slimming effect. The classic black denim jean makes you look and feel slim. Because dark colors such as black can make you appear smaller, they also make your body seem narrower than it is.

Contrast that with a pair of light-colored jeans, which can have a widening effect because they aren’t nearly as slimming on camera or in person.

Darker shades closer to your natural skin tone (such as black) will do much more to flatter your body shape and size.

Light colors can create an optical illusion by making you look wider than you are. So, stick with darker tones if you’re looking to pull off a slimming fit without looking like there’s too much fabric bunching around your waist.

If you’re still not convinced about how important color choice is in jeans, consider that one study found that people wearing black were perceived as heavier than those wearing white—even when their weights were identical!

Not sure whether black looks best on you? Try shopping online at sites like JCPenney, where they’ll help guide you toward styles that complement your complexion perfectly.

5.     Black Jeans Are Versatile

The versatility factor also explains why black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men. Black jeans are versatile and can be worn with various shirts, tops, and shoes. When wearing black jeans instead of blue jeans, you also have to worry less about what color your shirt is. When it comes to black jeans, you can wear any color that goes with black without worrying about clashing colors or standing out in a crowd.

This makes them easy to dress up and easy to dress down. You can pair black jeans with a casual t-shirt, polo shirt, button-down shirt, or even a nice sweater if you want to go out in town. If you’re heading out to business meetings or other professional events where dressing more formally is required, all you need to do is change into some dress shoes and throw on a nice blazer.

You’ll look sharp and well put together, even if the event requires formal attire.

The Psychological Impact of Black Jeans on Men

Researchers have found that wearing black jeans, when compared to blue jeans, can significantly impact how people perceive your age and level of status. One study even found that participants perceived men who wore black jeans to be more dominant and in charge than those who wore blue jeans.

The researchers believe these perceptions are due to our connections with social concepts such as formality, authority figures, and maturity. We’re often associated with success and power when we wear formal clothing like suits or tuxedos.

Although some may not consider denim formal clothing, it is more formal than shorts or swim trunks.

So why does all of that matter? Well, if you want others to see you as successful and influential, you might want to ditch your blue jeans for black ones. It could help boost your confidence (and possibly your career).

What to Wear with Black Jeans to Be More Stylish

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One of the main reasons why black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans is because they match virtually anything you want to wear. With black jeans, you can dress them up or down, dependent on how casual or formal you want your look.

They go particularly well with sweaters, graphic tees, and other shirt types. If you’re trying to build an outfit around a particular color, then it’s usually safe to say that black will go best with that color.

For instance, if you’re wearing a green sweater, it makes sense to wear some dark-colored pants to complement your shirt.

In some cases, though, it won’t make much difference whether or not you choose blue jeans over black ones—they both work equally well in nearly any situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Women Think of Men Who Wear Black Jeans?

If you’re concerned that women will think less of you if you wear black jeans, it’s probably a good idea to ask them what they think. According to Hubspot, surveys and interviews consistently show that women prefer men in darker colors than lighter shades. Asking your female friends and family what color pants they find most attractive on men is also easy to get unbiased feedback.

The Bottom Line

Black jeans are more stylish than blue jeans for men because they are more versatile. For example, you can wear black jeans with a t-shirt and a pair of Converse sneakers for an athletic look or dress them up with nice Oxford shoes, a button-up shirt, and a jacket for an evening out.

By contrast, blue jeans have traditionally been reserved for casual attire like t-shirts and sneakers or flannel shirts and Timberlands. However, recent fashion trends have changed that. Men’s clothing designers have introduced their take on how to style blue denim—and it’s edgy!


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