Ways to rock ripped jeans

Ways to Rock Ripped Jeans for Men and Women

There are several ways to rock ripped jeans and have a killer look. You can wear ripped jeans with a blazer, a button-down shirt, fishnet tights, boots, a tucked v-neck t-shirt, sneakers, an oversized denim shirt, a leather jacket, a corset belt, and complementing jewelry.

It’s not a secret that ripped jeans are trendy, and most people, especially teens, adore the outfit. However, not everyone knows how to rock the outfit and make a fashion statement. This post explores various outfits that will compliment your ripped jeans outfit on different occasions. Keep reading!

Key Takeaways

  • Ripped jeans have distinct ripped spaces, mainly around the knees or any area.
  • Both men and women can wear ripped jeans mainly as casual wear.
  • Ladies can pair ripped jeans with tank tops, fishnet tights, structured blazers, crop tops, flannel shirts, tees, and leather jackets.
  • Men can pair ripped jeans with hoodies, jumpers, oversized denim shirts, and bomber jackets.
  • Ripped jeans are especially worn as casual wear.

What are  Ripped Jeans?

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Ripped jeans are frayed jeans with a worn appearance featuring distinct ripped spaces, especially around the knee or any other area where some skin is exposed, unless you are wearing fishnet tights underneath.

While some manufacturers make the rips during production, DIY geeks purchase unripped jeans and create the rips at home with the help of scissors or a blade.

Ways to Rock Ripped Jeans and Make a Fashion Statement

Ripped jeans are popular with both men and women. Our guide will explore different ways to rock ripped jeans for both genders for a killer look!

Ways to Rock Ripped Jeans for Ladies

So, you are a fashion-conscious lady who wants to make a statement with ripped jeans, but you don’t know how? Here are a few ways to rock ripped jeans for ladies and make everybody admire your style;

1.     Pairing Ripped Jeans with Tank Tops

Tank tops are ideal outfits that can afford a pair of ripped jeans the prominence it deserves, especially during summer. You can tuck in your tank top and throw in bright-heeled or flat shoes to ensure you make a statement.

When choosing the tank top to wear with your ripped jeans, ensure you select the right color that matches your pants and complements your skin.

2.     Wear Ripped Jeans with a Structured Blazer

If you crave an excellent casual dressing style during the weekend or when partying with friends, then dressing up your ripped jeans with a structured blazer is a good idea. This combo will afford you a more polished appearance that will communicate your fashion taste to your friends.

Always remember to go for dark-colored blazers to nail that classy look. However, if your style is inclined toward lighter colors, choose one that doesn’t steal the focus from your pants. Remember, the focal point is on your ripped pants!

3.     Ripped Jeans with Fishnet Tights

Fishnet tights and ripped jeans do complement each other. Wearing a black patterned fishnet tight beneath ripped blue jeans helps to bring out the contrast in your clothing and also protects you from the cold during winter.

4.     A Pair of Ripped Jeans with Crop Tops

Every fashion-conscious lady understands that crop tops bring a feminine flare unlike any other outfit. Wearing a simple and comfy crop top that reveals your waistline with ripped jeans is always good for a trendy look, especially during summer.

Suppose you want to bring out a curvier look regardless of your body type; you can achieve it by pairing a crop top with high-waisted ripped jeans. This dressing idea can help elongate your figure, especially if you will be thoughtful and pair them with high-heeled boots.

You can also throw in a jacket or blazer if you intend to polish off your look and look more dressy during winter.

5.     Simple Plain Tee and a Leather Jacket

Simplicity is always fashionable. Pairing ripped jeans with a white v-neck tee, and a matching leather jacket is the best way to show off your ripped pants. The outfit will amplify your casual outfit and make you appear relaxed.

Suppose you wish to look like a badass chic; pair this outfit with boots. You can also add the wow factor by wearing matching jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, or expensive watches. Don’t be afraid to experiment with every piece of jewelry in your wardrobe.

6.     Pairing Ripped Jeans with a Flannel Shirt

Are you a lady looking out for ways to add flare to your ripped jeans? Look no further than pairing it with a flannel shirt. This combo will give you a laid-back appearance synonymous with most rock musicians.

Wear a bright v-neck tee beneath an unbuttoned flannel shirt to give your ripped jeans outfit the desired casual look. Besides this dressing style giving you a relaxed, casual look, it will also make you stand out in the crowd, and most people will appreciate your sense of fashion.

Ways to Rock Ripped Jeans for Men

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Men also want recognition, and fashion plays a part in making them noticeable. Pairing ripped jeans with the right outfit can make a man attractive. Though there are numerous ways of styling ripped jeans for men, here are a few that will help you make a fashion statement;

1.     Wear Ripped Jeans with a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are ideal for pairing with ripped jeans during cooler spring evenings. A bomber jacket will always make ripped pants look good on every man.

Of importance, bomber jackets come in various shades; therefore, you have the freedom to play with different colors and patterns. Match your ripped jeans- bomber jacket combo with sneakers or boots, and you will ooze with confidence among your peers.

2.     Ripped Jeans with an Oversized Denim Shirt

Did you know that you can make a fashion statement by pairing ripped black jeans with oversized blue denim shirts? This combo is suitable for a relaxed-casual look. You can add flare by wearing the shirt unbuttoned to reveal a bright tee underneath.

3.     Hoodie


Hoodies can match and fit well with black or blue ripped jeans. Unlike in the past, the hoods churned out of clothing lines today are elegant and fit tighter, making them suitable to pair with tight ripped jeans.

You can spice things up by wearing sneakers or ankle boots with your ripped jeans for a relaxed look during a night out date.

4.     Ripped Jeans with a Jumper

A jumper is a must-have outfit in every man’s wardrobe. This outfit complements ripped jeans well when worn with a matching cape, some jewelry, and sneakers. Jumpers are available in various shades and shapes, so you can always find what you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Men Wear Ripped Jeans with Button-Down Shirts?

Yes. The Button-down and ripped jeans combo can make any man exude a relaxed look. This combo is always suitable for casual wear.

How Can a Woman Wear Ripped Jeans without Showing Skin?

Women can wear ripped jeans without showing skin by layering them with fishnet tights. The fishnet tights conceal the skin and provide warmth during cold weather.

The Bottom Line

There are several ways to rock ripped jeans for both genders. Some ways include pairing the jeans with hoodies, jumpers, blazers, tank tops, tees, and many other combos. The key to pairing ripped jeans is comfort. Ensure that the combo you select is comfortable and doesn’t send the wrong information about who you are.




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