Types of Shirts to Wear with Khaki Pants for Men

8 Types of Shirts to Wear with Khaki Pants for Men

The types of shirts to wear with khaki pants for men include; button-ups, Polo, and Cuban shirts, among others. Khaki pants are among the most versatile menswear you can own. However, with all the shirt options in your closet, choosing which shirt to wear with khaki pants can be confusing, especially if you don’t already have a tried-and-true way of matching it up. To help you make this decision, here are eight types of shirts to wear with khaki pants for men and look cool.

Types of Shirts to Wear with Khaki Pants for Men

If you’re looking to build your wardrobe and expand your style options, one of the best places to start is with the fundamentals—the staples you can use in every situation, every day. Ensure you identify the right types of shirts to wear with khaki pants for men that will bring a more relaxed look.

Few items are as versatile as the humble khaki pant when it comes to basics, which is why it pairs so well with everything from casual shirts to button-downs and blazers.

Here are the types of shirts to pair with khaki pants for men for a killer look:

1.     Button-Up Shirts

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The best thing about a button-up shirt is that it doesn’t look like you tried too hard, which goes double if you wear khakis. Button-ups can be worn tucked in or left loose, but keep it classy. Opt for solids or small patterns rather than crazy checks and big, loud designs.

You’ll want to look neat—not like you’re trying to show off a style vocabulary other than your own. A solid blue works well, as does white (as long as it’s not wrinkled).

A dark green button-up also looks sharp when paired with khakis. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mixing up your colors—for example, pairing a pink oxford with olive chinos.

The key is ensuring everything matches perfectly from top to bottom, so there’s no clashing; otherwise, your outfit will look sloppy instead of put together!

2.     Cuban Collar Shirts

A classic pick, a Cuban collar shirt is just one example of how you can wear a dress shirt with khakis. Typically paired with loafers and a silk tie, it’s an outfit most often worn on business days.

With lightweight fabric and easy care, these are shirts made from cotton, linen, or silk. Look for versions that pair well with chinos or those available in long-sleeved versions (dress shirts).

Some even have button-down collars! Why so many options? Because they make them in everything from solids to plaids and checks—plus every color imaginable.

3.     Flannel Shirt with Khakis

When people think of flannel shirts, they think of lumberjacks and country folk. While these stereotypes might be accurate, that’s no reason not to wear a flannel shirt with khakis if you like it.

 Flannel is a thick cloth that retains heat but doesn’t get as hot as heavy materials like denim or corduroy. Because flannels tend to be thicker than other shirts, they aren’t always great for formal settings—but if you want something more casual and stylish, flannels are an excellent choice.

There are many different styles, so make sure you choose one that looks best on your body type and fits well in your desired setting.

4.     Polo Shirt

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A polo shirt is a great go-to option when you want to dress your khakis down. It’s casual yet stylish and can be worn anywhere, from work to dinner.

When selecting a polo, opt for colors in bold hues like blue or red. Neutral colors such as gray or navy are also a good choice if you’re trying to stay professional at work. Whatever color you choose, keep an eye out for styles with unique details like colorful graphics and prints.

On cooler days when you’re feeling extra chilly, layer your button-down shirt over your Polo and compliment it with a pair of boots or sneakers.

5.     Oxford Shirt with Khakis

Button-down shirts are a safe bet when you’re wearing khakis. Pair an oxford shirt with khakis and brown boots for a classic, office-appropriate look. Add a sportscoat on casual Fridays to put your own spin on business casual wear.

No matter how you style them, ensure your oxford button-downs aren’t too big or too small — they should fit perfectly.

An oversized shirt can overwhelm your body type and make you appear sloppy or messy. Still, if it’s too slim, it will expose areas of skin that shouldn’t be seen in business settings (especially because wearers tend to unbutton their shirts when sitting).

6.     Denim Shirts with Khakis

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Wearing denim shirts with khakis is a surefire way to turn your business-casual look into something more casual and fun. Denim shirts come in many styles, from dressy button-ups to more relaxed t-shirts and Henley, so you will find one that fits your wardrobe.

Pairing them with khakis is a great alternative when you don’t want to go full suit but still want a professional look. You can add extra flare by picking some earth tones—brown or navy blue will complement a tan or bronze skin tone nicely. But be careful if you have pale skin. The wrong shade of denim will make you look unattractive, and further wash your complexion.

7.     Chambray Shirts

A chambray shirt offers a vintage feel that’s perfect for casual Fridays. The light blue color and soft, durable material make it ideal for summer or spring months. This is an excellent option to spice up your khakis by wearing them with an untucked button-up shirt.

It also pairs well with a canvas jacket and can be worn on its own if you’re headed somewhere slightly more formal than work, like dinner out on a Saturday night. Just remember not to wear it with a tie!

8.     Pinstripe Shirts

If you want something more professional, try pairing your khakis with pinstripes. You could go bold and choose black pinstripes for a formal look or stick to classic navy stripes for something less dressy.

Either way, keep everything else in your outfit simple so that you don’t take away from what should be one of your most essential accessories—your pants!

Choose neutral colors like white, gray, or tan when selecting shirts (or even shoes), so they blend seamlessly with your pants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear a White Shirt with Khaki Pants?

Yes. A white shirt with khaki pants blends well. When most people think about wearing khakis and a shirt, they probably think it’s best to stick to solid colors. But that’s not always true.

You can wear any color, from red and yellow, to blue and green. It all comes down to what kind of personality you have.

What Color Shirt to Pair with Tan Khaki Pants?

The suitable color shirt to pair with tan khaki pants is white. Not only is it a crisp, clean choice, but white will make your pants appear darker and more formal. If you’re looking for a lighter look, try off-white or an incredible light shade of blue.

Black may seem an obvious choice at first glance, but avoid pairing black shirts with dark pants. Doing so makes you look like you’re attending a funeral and draws too much attention away from your clothing.


When determining the types of shirts to wear with khaki pants for men, comfort is critical. There are several options out there that still allow you to look put-together and professional. From classic button-down shirts and long-sleeve polos to t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, and more, we have all sorts of things that will make wearing khakis easier.

Check out our suggestions on eight great clothing items that look amazing when paired with khaki pants. After all, you want your whole outfit to be comfortable and stylish! —so pick something fun and versatile without compromising on quality or looking too casual.

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