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The Perfect Pair of Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies this Year

The perfect pair of shorts for plus-size ladies include; the Mom jean shorts, Alder take-a-hike shorts, and distressed shorts, among others. Shorts are perfect to wear on those hot summer days when you don’t want to expose your legs to the sun’s heat. However, being a plus-size lady makes it hard to find shorts that will fit your body type and cover up your thighs, hips, and belly without looking obscene and exposing too much of you at once. With the help of this guide, you can choose the ideal pair of shorts for plus-size ladies in 2022!

The Key Takeaways

  • The right waist measurement is important when determining the ideal pair of shorts for plus-size ladies.
  • Plus-size ladies’ shorts should be loose around the hips to ensure comfort.
  • Before choosing the ideal pair of shorts, plus-size ladies should try different styles.
  • Fabric plays an integral role when choosing your ideal shorts, depending on where and how you intend to use them.
  • Suppose you have a smaller waist than your hips; high-waisted shorts will work better for you.

How to Identify a Suitable Pair of Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

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You might think that plus-size shorts are easier to identify than you would regular-sized shorts. While you would be right, there’s still a lot to ensure you pick a pair of shorts that best defines your body type and height. Here’s how:

Find Your Ideal Waist Measurement: Start by measuring your waistline. You can do the measurement ourself using a tape measure or ask a friend to assist you. After taking the measurement, add 2 inches to get an idea of where you should start looking for shorts.

If you have bigger thighs or hips, add 4 inches, so they aren’t squeezed when worn with leggings or tights. If they fit well without squeezing too much, they will look great!

Remember, though, that if they pinch anywhere, don’t buy them because they will never fit properly as time passes and weight fluctuates!

Determine Your Height: Take off your shoes and stand up straight against a wall. Have someone measure your waist to just below your kneecap (the top part of your leg). Add 5-7 inches to that measurement to determine what length of shorts you need.

Keep Them Loose Around the Hips: They must be loose enough around the hip area so they don’t dig in and leave marks on your skin after wearing them for a few hours; otherwise, they’ll never fit correctly again, even after losing some weight!

Try On Several Different Styles: There are dozens of different styles of shorts available today, so make sure you try on several different types before deciding which ones to purchase. Some people prefer skinnier styles, and others like baggier options, but everyone has their preferences and tastes regarding clothing.

5 Perfect Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

As the weather heats up, throwing on a perfect pair of shorts for plus-size ladies might be a suitable option. Pair them with strappy sandals and a nice top to head out and enjoy the warm weather.

For plus-size ladies, this can seem like an impossible feat, as finding the right fit in shorts can be extremely challenging, especially if you are more prominent around the thighs and butt area.

Here are the five perfect pairs of shorts for plus-size ladies that work great:

1.     Mom Jean Shorts for Plus Size-Ladies

The mom jean is a closet classic, but there’s nothing classic about how unflattering they can be. When paired with a blouse or t-shirt, mom jeans are a bit bulky and unflattering (for both plus-size ladies and normal-size ladies).

However, they can be very flattering and comfortable when worn as shorts. Pair them with sandals or flats to get a perfect vibe for any event where you want to look feminine while not overdoing it.

Plus-size ladies who aren’t too concerned about showing skin in public would wear these shorts when they want to feel comfortable in an outfit all day—going out shopping, running errands around town, or anything that isn’t necessarily formal or professional.

2.     Alder Take a Hike Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

Alder Take a Hike Shorts are ideal for plus-size ladies who want a little more adventure in their shorts but don’t want to give up on comfort entirely. They have a flattering low-rise waistband and fit that hugs your hips without being too tight.

The cotton material is also excellent against sensitive skin in hot summer months, making it one of our favorite pairs from Alder.

While we generally prefer short-length shorts, these pair fit perfectly with flats or chunky shoes if you sometimes wear them with heels. Since they only come in one color, they work best with neutral tops that can match anything!

3.     Distressed Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

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Distressed shorts are still a great trend and will be in 2022 and beyond, but they need to look like they have been distressed, not just thrown in a basket. Without a doubt, distressed shorts for plus-size ladies define all details of your body without revealing too much.

They need to be loose enough that you aren’t pulling up your shorts or tugging at them every two minutes but fit well in your legs so that you don’t feel awkward when walking. You can also find different shapes.

Some might look more like capris, others might be fuller down there to cover a little more, and others will have distressing on the bottom half but not the top half, so it isn’t overbearing.

Make sure that if it is fitted, it fits where it needs to fit (but doesn’t squish), and give your thighs some space!

4.     Ultra-High Denim Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

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Denim shorts are a wardrobe staple and ideal shorts for plus-size ladies. So, why not go with them? Fashion trends change all the time, but denim has been around for ages, and it’s not going anywhere. Denim shorts are available in many cuts, including styles that hit your knee or mid-thigh.

If you want to keep it even more basic, throw on a jean jacket or denim shirt over your tee, and bam, and you’re good to go.

It could be worth investing in a few pairs if you don’t own high-waisted shorts. They can add some visual interest to an otherwise plain outfit. If you like wearing untucked shirts, pair them with high-waisted shorts to boost style and comfort.

The higher waistline will help cover any unwanted tummy bulge while allowing you to show off your legs! If there is one aspect we have learned from fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, it’s that having fun with fashion is key!

Go ahead and try out some new looks! You never know what will be your new favorite shorts until you try something new on yourself first.

5.     Relaxed Denim Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

The denim shorts are a must-have and have been for over 70 years. One of the best things about them is that they look great no matter how much or little you weigh. You can wear them with anything; tank tops, shirts, and even heels.

You can also experiment with different lengths to find one that fits you best. Lighter shades are good in summer, while darker hues work well all year round and give your body an excellent shape.

Pockets are also a must-have because you will always be able to carry something with you wherever you go – your phone, credit card, or money!

What to Consider When Choosing Shorts for Plus-Size Ladies

Though a bold choice, shorts for plus-size ladies can help complete your look. From 7/8 shorts to full-length, you’ll be able to dress confidently, whether at home or out on a date. To choose a pair that looks good and feels great, it’s essential to keep several key things in mind:

Fit: Finding shorts that flatter your figure is essential to finding fashionable shorts. For those with bigger hips, finding longer short lengths is probably best. If your waist is lesser than your hips, on the other hand, high-waisted options might be best as they will flatter both curves at once.

Fabric: The perfect fit also depends on your preferred fabric. Denim shorts are ideal if you want something classic and timeless, but if you want something more casual, cotton or linen may be better suited to your taste.

When choosing between denim and cotton, consider where you’ll often wear them. If it’s mostly going to be around town, then denim is probably ideal; if it’s mostly going to be for beach trips or picnics in parks (or perhaps even hiking), cotton may suit your needs better.


Is it ideal to find a perfect pair of shorts for plus-size ladies? Women’s shorts are becoming increasingly popular every year as they go from being a simple pair of casual clothing to a fashionable piece of attire. As with other women’s clothing, finding shorts that match your size and shape can be difficult.

There is such a vast array available on the market, with varying sizes and styles, making it hard to find those that genuinely complement your figure. However, there are specific things you can look out for to ensure that you get something appropriate for your body type. After all, having a pair of stylish shorts does no good if you feel uncomfortable or ashamed when wearing them!


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