Is a Legit Website or a Scam?

What is it about Everyone loves a good online shopping mall with a wide variety of options. Everyone especially loves free shipping! So, what’s not to love about Unfortunately, most users agree that this site is a scam and unsafe for your personal information. Let’s look at this site and see if we can figure out why. If you’re reading this, you or someone you know has likely been asked to sign up for Blaroken as an affiliate partner. While it is an excellent opportunity to make some cash while also getting something in return, there are red flags everywhere regarding this website – especially if they ask for personal information.

 What is

image 24 is an online clothing store that sells a variety of brands and types of clothing for men, women, and children. The wide range of clothing offered by Blaroken includes products for everyday wear, workout clothing, swimwear, and more. Blaroken gives customers a wide range of clothing from different brands.

The brands offered by Blaroken include Alpha Industries, Carhartt, DC, Dickies, FUBU, Nike, Vans, and many more. also offers customer loyalty rewards when they sign up for an account on their website. These rewards include a 10 percent discount on all future purchases, a $5 sign-up bonus, and early access to select sales.

Why People Think is a Scam

If you wish to know whether or not something is legit, you have to look at the facts and the numbers. When we explore the facts and figures surrounding, it’s easy to see why people think this is a scam.

Here are the facts that you should consider before you sign up for this site and allow them to get your information:

All Products Shown on the Website Appear to Be Fake

image 22

 This includes the stock photos and images displayed when you click on the item. Essentially, it looks like they just took random pictures from the internet and posted them on their site.

 Blaroken’s General Terms and Conditions Page is Vague

This page should have detailed information about the company, its policies, and other important information. Instead, it simply says that they can change it whenever they want and that you have no rights as a user or customer to be informed. Doesn’t Have a Physical Address

Some people think this means it’s a scam, but others believe it’s because it’s a foreign company. While this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a scam, it does make you think twice about how legit it is. also has a meager Trustpilot rating. If you don’t know what Trustpilot is, it’s a website where users can review and rate different companies. currently has a rating of 1.4 out of 10.

Fake Product Images and More Issues

While the above issues might be enough to make you think twice about this site, there are even more issues that make this site a huge red flag. First, the products on the site all seem to be from different brands, but they don’t all seem to be from the same quality level.

They have different prices, but they all look like knock-off products. Let’s say that you still want to try it out but want to ensure you’re not getting ripped off. The problem is that there is no return policy on the site. has a live chat feature, but anyone is never available to use it. There is also an option to email them, but it doesn’t seem like they check their emails. also has some highly vague policies regarding your personal information. They can share your data with other companies if they see fit, and you have no rights to your information.

The Return Policy

We’ve discussed that there is no return policy on the site, but let’s take a deeper look at this. doesn’t have a detailed return policy on their website, but they say you can return your items if they are defective or damaged.

They don’t say how you can return them, where you can return them, or even how long you have to return them. Their general terms and conditions page says you have one year to return your items. What they don’t say is that you have to ship the items back to California and that you have to make sure that they aren’t damaged.

Product Warranty

The blaroken website doesn’t say anything about a product warranty, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have one. The problem is that you have no way of knowing what the warranty is or how to claim it if you need to. doesn’t have a warranty page on their website, so you have no idea what their warranty might be or how you can claim it if you need to. doesn’t have a customer service phone number, email address, or a functional live chat feature. This is a notable red flag for any website, but especially one focused on selling you items.

Lack of Customer Support

If you’re wondering whether or not is a scam, the fact that they don’t have customer support is a big sign. doesn’t have a mailing address either. This also makes you think twice about whether or not this is a legit website. is Unsafe for Your Information

image 23 claims they don’t share your information with anyone, but there’s no guarantee that the government won’t subpoena the company’s records. If you’re signing up for a account, ensure you’re comfortable with the risk that the government might discover your purchases. also asks for your social media profile, which could be helpful for marketing purposes or very detrimental in the hands of scammers. If you’re signing up with, make sure you control your social media accounts.


Just because you signed up for a website doesn’t mean that the website is a scam. So, if you find yourself on, you should know that this website is unsafe for personal information and is not a reputable company. If you have any concerns regarding this website, don’t go signing up for it. Try to look elsewhere instead!

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